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These are some of the frequently asked questions and is updated on the regular to answer all of your questions before hand.

  • Do I need to purchase anything before hand?
    While getting your estimate during your over the phone consultation, if anything is needed you will be notified beforehand so the day of everything will be set.
  • Should I empty dressers?
    Yes, you should empty dressers & drawers. We'll tape them shut so they dont open during transiit or while lifting them. Deep freezers should be emptied and water should be removed BEFORE the move.
  • Will trucks be provided?
    If it is a load and unload we will provide a truck at an extra low cost. For junk removal or anything else we will also provide a truck and dispose of your junk.
  • Do you move grills?
    Yes! However, please make sure propane tanks are empty for everyones safety. If it is a charcoal grill please do a light clean of it to minimize the mess as well as make sure the smell doesn't sink into your other furniture.
  • During a leaf removal, do you take the leaves and yard debris?"
    Yes, we take and discard your yard debris.
  • How does paying tips work?
    If you are pleased with our services and decide to pay a tip, please make sure the tip is in cash and given directly to workers on site.
  • Do you provide services on a Holiday?
    Yes, but there is a holiday fee of a $100 on top of the base price and $20 extra an hour if it goes over the time. For Example (these arent real prices) If you were quoted $200 for a 2 hour job it would be $300 and if it ended up taking 4 hours to complete thats 2 hours that you'd pay for at $20 an hour plus the $20 extra holiday fee making it $40 an hour and in total your new price would be $380.
  • Do I have to hire the contractor my insurance company provided?
    No, you do not but it would be pertinent to meet them because they have already been vetted and carry all the necessary insurance requirements to complete the job.
  • What if I don't see the service I need in particular listed?
    There's a high possibility that we can take on your project depending on the scope of work. A quick call or email can get all your concerns addressed.
  • How frequently do I need lawn maintenance & will they be eco-friendly?
    Yes, we are committed to sustainability and offer eco-friendly landscaping services & it is recommended around 2x a month for maintenance.
  • How long does a renovation/ restoration project take?
    The duration varies depending on factors such as size of project and scope of work.
  • Do you handle permits and schedule inspections?
    Yes, if you'd like to process your own permit, that works. We do offer to take care of everything for you and make sure that all work meets building codes and regulations to ensure compliance and safety.
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