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Construction & Handyman Services

Contracting to skilled labor. We are great with our hands and even better getting the job done. You point it out, we fix it. From domestic repairs to renovations, we can get it done "In A Jiffy", where quality is one of biggest core values.


  1. Deck Build/ Lumber & Composite         

  2. Shed Assembly

  3. Power Washing

  4. Hang Shelving                                        

  5. Play Set Assembly

  6. Toilet Seat Installation                            

  7. Window Mounted AC Installation

  8. Picture Hanging                                      

  9. Barbeque Assembly

  10. Carport Assembly                                  

  11. Ceiling Patching

  12. Furniture Assembly                                

  13. Hang a Mirror

  14. Mail Box Post Installation                      

  15. Outdoor Furniture Assembly

  16. Plaster Wall Patching                              

  17. Re-Caulk Bathtub/Shower

  18. Wall Patching                                        

  19. Washer/Dryer Pedestal Installation

  20. Shower head Replacement                    

  21. Vanity Installation  

  22. Install Mailbox                                          

  23. Television Mount

  24. Build Garden Bed                                      

  25. Drywall/Sheetrock Patching

  26. Gutter Cleaning                                        

  27. Install SmokeAlarms

  28. Power Washing                                        

  29. Sink Repair

Let's Work Together, Call Now

If you have any projects that you don't see listed, give us a call today and see if we can team up for your project at a price that'll amaze you.

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